Positivity attracts positivity.

* Alyssa Edwards

My father & maternal uncle continue to be a tremendous a source of inspiration and motivation for me and several members of my joint family. One of the key lessons I have learnt from them is a constant, conscious, concentrated effort to keep up a spirit of Positivity, no matter what happens.

I have been actively practicing this (subconsciously initially) and it has continues to pay me huge dividends. This is evident in my latest passions & hobbies, which includes Coaching & a bit of stand-up comedy off late. To give you a recent example, just a few days back:

  • I had to meet some folks for a very critical topic. The meeting didn’t happen due to a very silly communication issue.
  • I was deeply frustrated and flustered for a few moments.
  • By the way, kids inspire me. My children, in particular, are a tremendous source for motivation and learning for me.
  • While I was deeply upset about the meeting, on the way back, I decided to put the time to good use and went to pick up the copy of Bangalore Deccan Chronicles as they had featured my son in their paper recently. (He is an upcoming bass guitarist, as a hobby).
  • At their office, I bumped into one of the journalists and we talked, and voilà, a few days later, I was featured in their paper too!