Positive Experiences

I had always been a scrawny, thin fellow till I reached my 40s. I must add here that for the last 25 years or so, there had been almost no fitness related activities in my sedentary life. And somehow, I used to associate being thin with being physically fit. Sometime during my late 40s, I decided to embark on a long trek as a holiday. And, in the process, I decided to become fitter. The journey lasted a few months, where I graduated from long walks to brisk ones, to jogging and eventually running (or rather, fast jogging).

It was difficult: I had several issues, especially because of my feet which are flat as that of a duck! This doesn't go well with running as it creates complications. I could not manage to run more than 2 kms (just over a mile) at a time. I saw a bunch of physiotherapists, most of whom advised me against running. In a desire to prove them all wrong, I took a positive approach and trained with a fantastic fitness coach, Nirupma Singh who has a group called the Bangalore FitnessKool . Thanks to her pushes and a fantastic and pragmatic yet aggressive routine, I managed to run my 1st 10KM (about 6 miles) within 3 months of her training! So much for the flat feet.

After about 1.5 years of active running, I ended up with a fracture in my foot (while running!). This was my first experience with fracture. At the very same time, I was going through a very challenging period at the workplace. My fractured foot was telling my mind that I was going to be physically challenged for life. I was completely stressed about my professional life. My near and dear ones were quite worried about me. And somehow, something clicked in me, and I decided to learn some parts of the Vedas, the Sri Rudram. This helped me to introspect deep within me and I managed to find Spiritual peace inside of me. And about a year later after the fracture, at an amateur running event, I managed to secure the 2nd place! The workplace issues got sorted as well!