Views on Leadership

This article could be of interest to those who are just beginning or have recently embarked on their Leadership journey. They have recently become part of the "management" of an organization.

You have probably already been communicated the kind of expectations that come with being part of the management: how you need to think about evolving into a successful leader. The famous dialogue from Spiderman, "with great power…" is kind of relevant here. Management comes with responsibilities. Leadership demonstrates accountability.

You might have a team of qualified and capable members and perhaps you might be able to delegate some responsibilities as well. However, I strongly urge you to ponder more on accountability than responsibility. For instance, in case you haven’t already done so, try delegating the responsibility of various tasks/projects to some of your team members, but retain the accountability, especially for the failures. Try your level best to ensure that failures are fast and result in minimum damage and loss. Celebrate them, embrace them. Learn from them and move on. This paradigm shift shall strongly enable you to delegate more, gain as well as grant trust, show support and nurture your team members, and, at the same time, lay the strong foundations for high levels of engagement amongst your team members.

Further, keep an open mind on what is needed in terms of leadership. Different situations would necessitate different kinds of leadership, which, in turn, could be best fulfilled by the leader who is best suited for that situation. A successful leader doesn’t need to play all these roles himself/herself. A true leader provides the environment, support and culture needed for such leadership to step forward, organically, whenever the need arises. Focus on demonstrating Leadership and not on becoming a Leader.

There is no one true style of leadership that works. Be open to challenging yourself constantly, not just in terms of leadership style, but also in terms of your core values and beliefs. Once you adopt this learning mindset, you shall not only be a very successful leader, but you shall also enjoy this fantastic and adventurous journey that it deserves to be.

Leaders are born… but from circumstances and opportunities.