What is Coaching?

I often get a question saying, "What exactly is Coaching?", "is it to do with Running?", "Are you talking of counseling or mentoring?", "Are you an educator, specializing in coaching students on some subjects", etc. etc.

While there exist a plethora of articles on Coaching, etc., I thought I would give an explanation here that, hopefully, would communicate what Coaching means to me.

Consider that you at crossroads, you know the destination you would like to reach, and that you have three choices in front of you.
One is a hard core urban expressway, with fast lanes zipping through cities with skyscrapers, etc.
There is another route that takes you through the heart of nature, meandering through forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and what have you.
And then, there is the scenic highway, bypassing cities and yet giving you the feel of Nature.

You need to decide on a path. All the above paths lead you to the same goal. Let us assume that you have two people in front of you, let us call them Person A and Person B. And you ask them for help.

Person A's response:

  • This person will advise you based on their experience, based on where you've come from, what you would like to achieve, and then they will state their strong recommendations.
  • Perhaps this person would also help you along your journey by helping you and telling you where to rest, which speed to travel on at a certain part of the journey, and so on, and constantly guide you based on their experiences.

Person B's response:

  • Person B shall take you initially on a self discovery process which will help you at a fundamental level, which will also be truly Transformational in nature.
  • Person B will use the above information to help you to discover and decide upon the best route that you shall decide for yourself. They will also be with you during your journey, constantly helping you to decide the best course of action(s) for yourself, BY yourself. This process shall not only help you at the current crossroads but shall stay with you forever, in all your journeys.

Person A is a Counsellor or a Mentor, like a Manager, if you will. Person B is a Professionally Qualified Coach! Try our free online coaching tools to get a gist of what is the 1st step of Coaching all about.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We also offer a free sample session for you to experience the power of Coaching 1st hand.