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Culture Vs Strategy and Vision

"Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast..."

That statement is attributed to Peter Drucker, & Venky adds: "...and sh**s it out by lunchtime "

  • The very best of Strategy & Vision mean nothing if the culture of an Organization doesn't support it.
  • We provide Organizations with wide range of techniques, tools and resources to ensure a homogenous congruence of Culture vs. Strategy & Vision.
  • Coaching needs to be an ongoing process & not limited only to a select few.
  • We will set up Coaching Practices resulting in a solid, enduring & sustainable Coaching practice within the Organization using the part of the Organization's team as internal Coaches.


"When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors"

* James Sinegal

  • One of the secrets to happiness is being able to understand one-self fully.
  • Our Core Self-Know programme has a deeply grounded, well established self-discovery session.
  • This time tested model has worked wonders for the ones who have used it so far.
  • Motivational talks, training and other processes have an effect for a limited duration.
  • The Core Self-Know programme will unleash a deep sense of faith, belief and self-satisfaction amongst Coachees which lasts FOREVER.


Culture Vs Strategy and Visiion
CoachCouncil Engagement Platform

CoachCouncil Engagement Platform

  • We offer the best possible confluence of Coaching & Technology for you!
  • As part of the platform, we provide an integrated set of bespoke engaging tools to measure and promote Employee Engagement.
  • Look at our free tools, which is the tip of the iceberg of our Unique Offering.
  • For example, one of the tools include finding synergies between Individuals' skills & strengths vis-a-vis the Organization's core values .