"All coaching is, is taking 'Coachees' where they can't take themselves." Adaptation of a quote from Bill McCartney


The CoachBOT

  • Our Premium Platform is available for a free trial, available on request.
  • This a powerful platform which can be extensively customized by Organizations, by Trainers, Coaches, et. al.
  • A free trial available on request. You can request via a LinkedIn or just email us for details.


The Coaching Wheels

Use the Coaching Wheel to quantify different aspects of your Life and think of how to work on them.
Daksh Saxena:
As a member of the "GenY millennials" group, I love the CoachBot as it is fast and accurate.
Sanjaya Sarangi:
Nice tools, Venky! I love the way you used jquery and keep it interactive and engaging. I had very useful insights for myself. All the best to you. Can't wait for more creative tools from you.
I enjoyed going through the interactive questionnaires. Putting myself amidst a story tale.. and in the end to get a glimpse of my image; I definitely could relate to most of it. Thanks Venky!
Mayanka Sharma:
Interesting tools. I realised a few things about myself that I wasn't so much aware of earlier. When are the next tools coming out Venky?
Prakash Mishra:
Its really surprising for me to get the response perfectly correct after using the tool. Most of the feedback in the response is close to what I am. It's indeed really thrilling and awesome.
I am really surprised by the response I received after using the tool. Each and every word in the response is perfectly correct to what I am made of and what I am today. I am really thrilled and would like to know about it. It’s awesome
Kalpesh Jain:
Result is 85% accurate and Excellent analysis.
These tools are great. I love the story. The coaching wheels are good. Can you consider adding a wheel whereby I can add the values as I would like, with what is most important for me? I am a coach. I can then use this for my clients as well, online.
Ulhas Joshi:
Amazing. The story , only 10 question analyzed my personality . Try it.