The Coaching Wheel of Life

Break Down things in your life to coach yourself!

A few notes:

  • The Coaching Wheel of is a classic Coaching Tool to help you examine various aspects of your life.
  • We'd like to hear your thoughts on this tool, do provide your feedback!
  • Come back and try this whenever something significant occurs in your life. You may be surprised with the results!
  • For each item, choose a value and optionally change the color to your liking.
  • Against each item, rank how important each item is for you, depending on how it impacts your life currently.
  • It is recommended that you fill in all values. If an item doesn't apply to you at all, just ignore it.
  • Think for a moment and go with your most natural response. We recommend that you not analyse each of these items in too much detail.

Physical Well-Being:
Personal Development:
Primary Relationship: (the most important one for you)
Relationships: (other ones)
Physical Surroundings:
Rest & Relaxation:


  • Think of the importance you have attached to each item.
  • What steps are you taking and would you like to take in future, to positively impact your life?
  • This very conversation, with a Professionally Trained Coach, WILL end up with some invaluable insights.
  • Professionally trained Coaches have much more effective tools at their disposal. Reach out to a Professional Now!
  • Contact us using any of the links at the bottom of the page to have a FREE sample session to explore many more such tools and techniques that will give you a spectacular insight on yourself.
Once you are done: (it is recommended to complete all parts)