The Leadership Coaching Wheel

Study Your own Leadership Style!

A few notes:

  • This is a wheel adapted to Leadership Styles.
  • Try it! & let us have your feedback.
  • Don't hesitate to try this wheel again, anytime in future to spot any changes.
  • For each item, choose a value and optionally change the color to your liking.
  • Against each item, rank how important each item is for you, from a Leadership point of view.
  • Please try to complete all items and give them each a value. It would help you more if you do so. You could optionally leave some of them blank if they don't mean anything at all for you, from a leadership point of view.
  • Do not think too deeply about each item. Just ponder a bit and go with your most natural answer.
  • Interpret the words as you like: in the way they hold meaning for you, within the context of your style, life, and so on...

Clear Vision & Strategy:
Consistency in Leadership:
Delegation of Authority:
Empowering Others:
Encouraging Employees:
Committment - to Change & Grow:
Willingness to Make Changes:
Willingness to Support Others:


  • Talk to yourself and understand the importance of each item for your relationship.
  • For each item, think of what all actions you are taking regarding the importance of each item and where do you currently stand with it.
  • Why don't you talk to a Professionally Trained Coach as, by doing so, you WILL end up with some invaluable insights.
  • Professionally trained Coaches have much more effective tools at their disposal. Reach out to a Professional Now!
  • Contact us using any of the links at the bottom of the page to have a FREE sample session to explore many more such tools and techniques that will give you a spectacular insight on yourself.
Once you are done: (it is recommended to complete all parts)