The Relationship Wheel

How Harmonious is your Primary Relationship?

A few notes:

  • This wheel will help you to examine a 1:1 relationship between you and your partner
  • Give it a shot and let us have your thoughts!
  • Whenever anything special happens with your partner, come back and try this. You may be surprised to learn something new about your relationship!
  • For each item, choose a value and optionally change the color to your liking.
  • Against each item, rank how important each item is for you, from a Leadership point of view.
  • We strongly recommend that you fill in a value for each item.
  • Go with your most instinctive feeling. We recommend that you not analyse each of these items in too much detail.
  • Look at the various words, think of how important they are for your relationship & assign a score.

Conflict Resolution:
Fun, Freedom:
Communication (2 way):
Finances (value each others's contributions):


  • Converse with yourself and understand your inherent Leadership Style.
  • Ask yourself, for each item, vis-a-vis the importance, how are you doing on each element. And, what all are you doing to match up to the importance you have decided.
  • Should you choose to have this conversation with a Professionally Trained Coach, you WILL end up with some invaluable insights.
  • Professionally trained Coaches have much more effective tools at their disposal. Reach out to a Professional Now!
  • Contact us using any of the links at the bottom of the page to have a FREE sample session to explore many more such tools and techniques that will give you a spectacular insight on yourself.
Once you are done: (it is recommended to complete all parts)